Marcus Gates

Marcus Gates
Marcus Gates.jpg

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Character Information
Appearances 3XK
Portrayed by Lee Tergesen

Marcus Gates is a character portrayed by Lee Tergesen on Castle in the episode 3XK.

Gates was acting as the serial killer known as 3XK, later discovered to be Jerry Tyson, who gave Gates all the info he needed to pretend to be him, thus allowing Tyson to be released from prison early as part of a deal to provide the investigating team with evidence. Tyson also provided Gates with money to pay for vital heart surgery required by the latter's foster brother, Paul McCradle.

Castle and Beckett were eventually able to discover this scheme of theirs and he was sent back into custody. ("3XK")

Gates reappeared four years later, when Castle went to the prison to question him about Tyson to determine if he had ever mentioned likely hiding places to Gates during their years of sharing a cell. Although Gates knew that he was never going to get out of prison, Castle was able to promise him a chance at revenge against Tyson for getting him sent back to jail, which was fulfilled when Tyson was shot during the final confrontation. ("Reckoning")

Gates himself showed most of the traits of a sociopath, with his only apparent concern being for Paul. His extremely high IQ and general demeanor made him a plausible 3XK.


Orders to kill given by Jerry Tyson

  • Linda Russo (Strangled in an alleyway)
  • Kim Foster (Strangled in her own apartment)
  • Donna Gallager (Attempted to strangle in her own apartment; was rescued)


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