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Melinda Farraday
Wikia Castle - Melinda Farraday
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Roger Farraday (husband, deceased)
Character Information
Appearances A Deadly Game
Portrayed by Lucia Sullivan

Melinda Farraday is the widow of Roger Farraday, the body that sets off Beckett and Castle's investigation into "A Deadly Game".

Roger was, as the duo discover, off on a spy-cation in the big city, using multiple identities and making contact with 'possible killers'. Unfortunately for him, someone called "Game Over" for real, and not using any of Spy Ventures' equipment.

Looking into matters more closely, the writer and detective discover that Lee Copley, Roger's business partner, was in serious financial difficulties, which were alleviated by his partner's passing, as he took sole control of their whole business, a car dealership.

Lee, however, has a rather unusual alibi, since he was having an affair with Melinda, and the neighbors have testified to all-night noises from his parked car indicative of the activity within.

When confronted, Melinda shows no remorse for her infidelity, pointing out Roger's lack of passion and commitment. This leads Beckett to ask why she stayed with Roger. Melinda's incredulous response is that "my house is too nice."