Melissa Talbot
Melissa Talbot
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Cameron Talbot (husband, divorce pending)
Children Zane Talbot (legal son, raise as her son)
Character Information
Appearances "When the Bough Breaks"
Portrayed by Elaine Hendrix

Melissa Talbot was the wife of Doctor Cameron Talbot, a physician.

Their son was born with a hereditary disease which would kill him before his third birthday, prompting Talbot to switch their son with another baby on the day he was born to try and protect his wife.

Unfortunately for Talbot, his deception was uncovered by Eliška Sokol, the mother of the baby he had 'stolen', after her child died, when she arranged for DNA tests to be carried out, with his attempt to conceal his crime by killing her merely delaying the discovery of his actions, Melissa being horrified when she learned what he had done.

After Cameron was sent to prison, Melissa arranged to make contact with Teodor Hájek, Eliška's ex-husband and the father of her 'adopted' son, allowing him to be part of her son's life in exchange for hearing what he had to tell her about her biological son.