Mickey Reed
Mickey Reed
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Talk Show Host
Character Information
Appearances The Late Shaft
Portrayed by Bill Bellamy

Mickey Reed is the host of the Late Night show, which runs after Bobby Mann's show.

He is re-arranging Bobby's set, preparing to replace him. Originally, Mickey tells Castle and Beckett how well he and Bobby got on.

When they confront him over discrepancies in his testimony, he explains that he didn't want the tabloids reporting that the two had fought on the night Bobby died.

While the two had always been friendly, on that night, Bobby had been livid about what a "disloyal punk" Mickey was. Beckett obtains a search warrant for Mickey's apartment and returns to the precinct.

The revised window of death, however, eliminates Mickey as a viable suspect, and the team moves on to other likely prospects.

Bobby's anger stemmed from bugs he had planted by Zach Robinson in Howard Weisberg's office, which recorded the network head trying to get rid of Bobby, and saying Mickey was constantly nagging him to take over from Bobby.