Nelson Blakely
Nelson Blakely
Vital Statistics
AKA Scott McGreggor
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Cause of death Shot by unseen person; Kill later attributed to Sophia Turner
Character Information
Appearances Pandora (Part 1)
Portrayed by Timothy Carhart

Nelson Blakely was a member of the CIA and was very brilliant.

Blakely studied how one big event could cause a bigger event, such as the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand leading to World War One, dubbing it a linchpin. He discovered an enormous linchpin that the United States would never recover from.

Realising that the agency would exploit his genius, he faked his death and start going by the name of Scott McGreggor, with only two people knowing that he was alive; Thomas Gage, and a female friend of his from MIT.

He called his MIT friend to set up a meeting to discuss what he knew, giving a code to it being in the park. However, she was killed before the meeting, although Beckett and Castle cracked the code and took her place instead.

Beckett and Castle were able to find him in the park and took him to a pier to get something along the way. He explained his discovery to them during the walk, but after arriving at the pier, he realised that they were being followed by watching pigeons fly in a flock.

He ran out of the car attempting to escape but was shot by the people following them moments before the car was pushed into the sea.

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