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Nicole Hixton
Nicole Hixton
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Parents Jay Hixton (father, deceased)
Noreen Hixton (mother)
Character Information
Appearances Lucky Stiff
Portrayed by Rachel Melvin

Nicole Hixton is the teenage daughter of Jay Hixton, the "Lucky Stiff" of the title.

Nicole coped with her change of circumstances when her father won the lottery by getting involved with some of the worst people possible, chief among them Oz, a very successful drug dealer and underworld figure. Nicole got hooked, and to prevent her relapsing into Oz's clutches Dad hired a couple of thugs of his own, Ty and Greg Page, to scare Oz into staying away.

Nicole, when she heard about her father's death, assumed she and her drug habit were responsible, and that this was payback by Oz. In the end, and with the constant support of her mother Noreen, Nicole is headed once more for rehab, with the hope that this small good may come out of her father's tragic death.