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Norman Jessup
Norman Jessup
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances Love Me Dead 
Portrayed by J.B. Smoove

Norman Jessup is an ex-con who appeared in "Love Me Dead".

Jessup stood on Jack Buckley's list of court cases and was going to be taken in by him again for two years behind bars. Jessup admits in the interrogation to having followed Buckley for a few days to find the courage to ask him for a pardon. Both Castle and Beckett learn from Jessup that Buckley had met, on the day of his murder, an Asian man in front of a luxurious apartment building in Uptown New York.

Together with Jessup in the car, the duo look for the building as Alexis calls on Beckett's cell phone. In the end, he provides a vital clue to solve the case.

Since Jessup was looking for a police letter of recommendation to get him into locksmith school, and hopefully turn his life around, at the time and sense he earned it. At least his story had a happy ending.