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Season 2, Episode 23
Air date May 10, 2010
Written by René Echevarria
Directed by John Terlesky
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Season 2
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Overkill is the twenty-third episode of the second season of Castle.


Beckett asks Demming to help her and Castle investigate a robbery-homicide, prompting the two men to fall into competition with each other to impress Beckett by proving their own theory in the death correct. As the case develops, it becomes obvious to Castle that, despite his efforts at solving the case, Beckett's relationship with Demming has gotten serious.




Main Cast

Guest Stars


Lanie Parish: It's like Sex and the City...only with boys.
Beckett: I cannot believe you asked for samples.
Castle: What they said anything we want plus these aren't for me they are for Ryan and Esposito.
Beckett: Don't you mean Charlotte and Miranda.
Castle: Wait that would make me Carrie.
Beckett: You are so metrosexual for even knowing that.
Castle: Hey only watched that show out of the corner of my eye when my mom had it on.... that didn't make my point quite like I wanted it to.
Ryan: Beckett's a good cop; she can canvass and make goo goo eyes at the same time

Featured Music

  • "Workin' Man's Blues" - Aceyalone
  • "Crash and Burn" - Lifehouse
  • "You And Me Belong" - Jes


  • After Ryan and Esposito shows interest in men's care products (at Castle's urging), Beckett compares the pair to Charlotte and Miranda (of the TV show Sex and the City). Castle realizes that this makes him Carrie. Left unsaid is that by process of elimination, that leaves Beckett as Samantha.
  • When Beckett and Demming leave together for the evening, Beckett nervously explains that they're sharing a cab. In New York City, this is a common euphemism which implies that they're now sleeping with one another.
  • Castle's competition with Demming ended in a stalemate. Castle argued that it was a case of eco-terrorism, while Demming considered it a robbery gone wrong. Both were wrong. However, Demming appears to have won Kate's heart at the end of this episode.
  • Castle had created a character based on Detective Demming in his newest Nikki Heat as Detective Schlemming, but Alexis told him to get rid of the character.