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Paula Casillas
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Spouse(s) Emilio Casillas (husband; deceased)
Children Marina Casillas (daughter)
Character Information
Appearances "He's Dead, She's Dead"
Portrayed by Bess Armstrong

Paula Casillas is a character portrayed by Bess Armstrong in the ABC crime series Castle.

Paula is the widow of Emilio, and after he passed on, she was dragged, metaphorically kicking and screaming, by her daughter Marina to see the psychic Vivien Marchand.

Despite her initial skepticism, however, Paula was stunned by how much Vivien knew about her marriage and her husband, and when the psychic told the two women she would have an important message for them on their visit, Paula decided she had to act.

She bought a bottle of wine and an ice pick, then concealed them near Vivien's office. Paula arranged for Marina, herself and some friends to have an early dinner at a nearby restaurant which, not yet being licensed, had a BYOB policy. She slipped out, purportedly to buy the wine, retrieved her purchases, made her way to the psychic's office and killed her. Paula then returned to the restaurant and finished her meal.

Only when Beckett and Castle uncovered her husband's infidelity and the fact that his death was due to poisoning did Paula become a suspect, but in two murders: one a crime of passion, the other a cold-blooded cover-up.