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Should Esposito and Lanie get back together?
  • Yes, I'm a shipper!
  • No, apart from the occasional booty call.
  • No, because I'm shipping Perlanie (Perlmutter / Lanie) instead.


How will you cope during the month long Castle December hiatus?

  • Depression rates will soar this holiday season.
  • I'm going on a Castle binge - Castle watching marathon seasons 1 - 5.
  • I will patiently await the next episode.
  • Ehh, no big deal, I could take it or leave it.
Do you like that Castle and Beckett are an item now?
  • Yes!
  • It works, but not as well as when they were doing "the dance".
  • No.
Is Mr. Smith really dead?
  • Yes, we saw the medics call it.
  • No, he totally faked his own death so he could disappear.
Was Alexis's hangover a sign of things to come?
  • Yes! She's about to go through her wild child phase.
  • No! Alexis will always be responsible and level-headed.
  • We'll see some lapses, but then the Real Alexis will return.

​Do you think Jerry Tyson is really dead?

  • Nope! Castle was right: Tyson staged the his own death so he can start killing again.
  • Yeah! Beckett's right: Castle shot him off the bridge, and he's gone for good.

Which ex would you like to see come back?

  • Kyra Blaine-Murphy
  • Meredith
  • Gina
  • Tom Demming
  • Josh Davidson
  • Will Sorenson

Would you want to see the darker side of Castle that Tyson was trying to provoke in the episode, 3XK?

  • Yeah. It's definitely there and I want it explored.
  • No! It will change Castle (the show AND the character).
  • No. I know it's there, but I want it avoided.
  • I'm skeptical about it, but as long as the writers can make it work, why not.