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Rebecca Fog
Wikia Castle - Rebecca Fog
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Meterologist at WHNY
Character Information
Appearances Cloudy with a Chance of Murder
Portrayed by Shannon Lucio

Rebecca Fog, the authenticity of whose name Castle takes leave to doubt, is a qualified meteorologist, and the number two weather girl at channel WHNY.

When her co-worker and competitor Mandy Michaels is murdered, it doesn't take long for Rebecca to emerge as a viable suspect. She got into a physical altercation with Mandy the night the latter died, and admits to hating her.

She saw Mandy as a "lazy, entitled, big-boobed bimbo", a "glorified spokesmodel". She believes, however, that Mandy's age and the impact of high-def TV, along with the greater accuracy of her own predictions, meant it was merely a short matter of time before she replaced her anyway.

The theft of her own specialist equipment by Mandy truly rankles, and she is shocked to discover that the "bimbo" was in fact tracking a story about dangerous air pollution in New Jersey, and trying to improve the quality of life for those with no other real recourse.