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Rebecca Strong
Vital Statistics
AKA Scarlet O'Hara
Gender Female
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances Overkill
Portrayed by Jennifer Hall

Rebecca Strong is a lab technician at Damian Wilder's cosmetics company in "Overkill".

Rebecca discovered their new shaving cream could cause capillary damage if it was used long enough due to containing the chemical compound benzophyosopheme. She went to her superiors about it, but they didn't act on her warnings and the product went to the market. Rebecca then decided that she might as well cash in on her incriminating knowledge, since they wouldn't listen to her.

Rebecca rented a motel room under the alias 'Scarlett O'Hara' and gave CEO Damian Wilder instructions to come there. She then called him and demanded $75,000 in exchange for her silence. Later, Rebecca picked up a bag with the money, but missed another bag, which the clerk Benny found.

Matters become complicated when Damian is murdered, leading to Rebecca being brought in for questioning. According to Castle, she has cruel eyes in her photo, yet sobs rather uncontrollably during the interrogation. Beckett is able to translate Rebecca's "cry talk" to discern the blackmail scheme, and how she feels guilty about it and is willing to give the money back. However, she didn't kill Damian.

The realization that two people each paid Rebecca the blackmail money ultimately led to the break the police needed to solve Damian's murder.