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Robert Picardo
Picardo (002)
Character Clark Murray
Birthday October 27, 1953
Birth Place Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Appearances "A Death in the Family"
"Sucker Punch"

Robert Picardo is an American actor who plays Dr. Clark Murray on Castle.

Picardo was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of Joe Picardo. He is Italian American, with his father's family originating from Naples and his mother's from Bomba in Abruzzo.[1]

He graduated from William Penn Charter School in 1971 and originally entered Yale University as a pre-medical student, but opted to act instead. While he was at Yale University, he was a member of the Society of Orpheus & Bacchus, an undergraduate a cappella singing group.

On Broadway he appeared in Gemini (1977) and Tribute (1978).

In recent times, Picardo has become better known for his science-fiction work, appearing on television as the "The Doctor" Emergency Medical Hologram in Star Trek: Voyager and as IOA agent Richard Woolsey in the Stargate TV series.


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