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Robert Weldon
Mayor weldon 1
Vital Statistics
Title Mayor of New York City
Big cheese (by Rick)
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Politician
Character Information
Appearances "Home Is Where the Heart Stops"
"Dial M For Mayor"
Portrayed by Joseph C. Phillips (Season 1)
Derek Webster (Season 4)

Robert Weldon is the mayor of New York City, and a personal friend of Richard Castle.

They first met in the year 2000, Weldon being a fan of Castle's work. Castle uses their friendship to wangle his way into the 12th Precinct as a "consultant". "Ricky" refers to his pal as "McCheese", presumably demonstrating their closeness.

In 2012, Weldon is investigated in the disappearance of over two million dollars from one of his charities' bank accounts. When the woman investigating the case, Laura Cambridge, is murdered, he comes to the attention of Detective Beckett and Castle.

He was considering running for Governor at the time, and believed that a conspiracy was being built against him.

It was eventually revealed that one of his staffers, Jordan Norris, was stealing the money. When he found out that Weldon's enemies used him to try and ruin his career, he told Laura, and that got her killed.

However, after the episode, Weldon decides against running for Governor, and to continue being a good mayor for "the greatest city on Earth" instead.[1]


Robert Weldon

Mayor Robert Weldon in Season 1 portrayed by Joseph C. Phillips

The mayor was played by Joseph C. Phillips in two episodes in the first season. The role was recast in 2011 for the Season Four episode "Dial M for Mayor".



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