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Ron Brandt
Ron Brandt
Vital Statistics
AKA Sal Martino (alias in bank)
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Spouse(s) Tanya Brandt (ex-wife)
Children Conner Brandt (son)
Other family Agnes Fields (former mother-in-law)
Character Information
Appearances Cops & Robbers
Portrayed by Ian Kahn

Ron Brandt, who used the alias of Sal Martino, was a fake hostage, unknown to the others in the bank robbery on New Amsterdam Bank and Trust on Lex who included Castle and his mother Martha.

Brandt's company works in supplying military contractors to special forces and his connections saved him from prosecution for domestic abuse. Because of that, his wife Tanya and son Connor faked their deaths and went into hiding.

A week before the events of "Cops & Robbers", Ron assaulted his former mother-in-law Agnes for his family's location. Upon learning of the safe deposit box they use to communicate through a middleman, Father McCaskey, their local priest, he killed Agnes and stole her key.

Then, using his connections, Ron hired mercenaries, who called themselves Trapper John, Dr. Howser, Dr. Huxtable, and Dr. Quinn, to rob and empty out the safe deposit box while he posed as a hostage. He pretended to take a restroom break when in reality, he was taking a look at the contents of the safe.

Once he had the information he needed and was returned to the hostages, Ron faked a seizure, which was strengthened by a medical bracelet he had on him.

Afterwards, he was extracted by Kate Beckett, disguised as an EMT. Ron contacted his mercs, instructing them to make their exit. After binding the hostages in the backroom safe, the robbers attempted to blow a hole into an abandoned subway system, unaware that Ron supplied them with defective C4, which detonated prematurely, killing them.

Ron found his family's address on the letters and made his way to Ithaca. He broke into Tanya's house, injured her, and secured Conner. Ron contemplated killing Tanya but decided to let her live with the pain of never seeing their son again, planning to use his connections to disappear with Connor. At the same time however, Beckett's team caught onto him and were able to warn the local police about Ron's presence, just in time to intercept Ron as he tried to leave with Connor.


  • Agnes Fields (beaten, then slashed her throat; stole her post-office box key)
  • The bank hostage situation:
    • Trapper John (killed in a C4 blast along with the other three hostage takers below)
    • Dr. Howser
    • Dr. Quinn
    • Dr. Huxtable
    • Richard Castle (took hostage along with all other customers and employees below by the dead hostage-takers above)
    • Martha Rodgers
    • Numerous other customers and employees
  • The attempted kidnapping at the Barrett house:
    • Connor Barrett (attempted to kidnap; was rescued)
    • Tanya Barrett (hit in the head with a baseball bat and threatened with an empty pistol; was rescued)