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Sally Niedermeyer
Sally Niedermeyer
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Other family Brady Thompson (nephew, deceased)
Jarod Thompson (great nephew)
Character Information
Appearances "Kill the Messenger"
Portrayed by Hattie Winston

Sally Niedermeyer is the beloved aunt of Brady Thompson as "Kill the Messenger" kicks into gear.

In fact, Aunt Sally is the one who sent the parcel that the messenger who was just killed, Caleb Shimansky, was carrying - his one and only item, of which he was robbed. Brady telephoned his aunt from prison the same morning to tell her to send his 'insurance policy' to the officer who arrested him, Roy Montgomery.

The team, however, are unaware of this when they first encounter Aunt Sally. All they know is a parcel was sent and stolen, a package for which, seemingly, poor Caleb died. The courier company lists the sender as "S. Nidal Mattar", and the terror watch list includes a Shakir Nadal Mattar, so the NYPD go in heavily armed and ready for resistance.

Aunt Sally is housebound, with severe breathing problems to judge by the tubes up her nose, so as the rest of the task force set about putting her door back in place, Beckett and her team try to ascertain the precise contents of the package, and discover it was headed to their boss.

Since Brady was so clearly one of Sally's very small circle of favorite people, her world has been dramatically diminished by his murder in the prison, on the orders of the man whose 'clean-up' work a decade earlier set all this in motion.