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Samuel Lynchberg
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Samuel Lynchberg - Odette Morton's executor
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Occupation Business Manager
Character Information
Appearances A Dance With Death
Portrayed by Larry Sullivan

Samuel Lynchberg was the business manager to Odette Morton, the socialite-star whose murder gets "A Dance With Death" under way.

While he does turn out to be the murderer, he did not kill Odette. She had already died in a train accident long before. Barbra Landau, Odette's secret body double, used the accident to take Odette's identity.

When Barbra began paying blackmail to avoid her secret being revealed, Lynchberg thought that she had returned to her frivolous ways and confronted her. Barbra and Lynchberg inadvertently revealed their secrets to one another.

Barbra realized Lynchberg and Odette had murdered the latter's grandfather, Graham Morton; the two had been in a relationship and Graham threatened to cut Odette out of the family fortune over it. After the murder, Odette left Lynchberg anyway, but he continued to be protective of her.

Barbra attempted to come to an arrangement with Lynchberg where each would protect the other's secret, gathering evidence to bolster her threat. However, she didn't count on the contempt Lynchberg had for Barbara's background as an impoverished former foster child and stripper. He couldn't stand someone 'dirty' taking over Odette's life and blackmailing him.

Lynchberg shot and killed Barbra during the taping of A Night of Dance, then dumped the gun in a dumpster outside his office. Uncovering "Odette's" secret, and then Lynchberg's, enabled Castle and Beckett to identify him as a suspect and recover this damning physical evidence in time. Presented with a fait acompli, he confessed.

Known Victims[]