Sandy Allen
Wikia Castle - Sandy Allen
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Spouse(s) John Allen (husband, deceased)
Character Information
Appearances Deep in Death
Portrayed by Laurel Holloman
Sandy Allen is the widow of the late John Allen as "Deep in Death" opens its tale.

Sandy and her husband were struggling financially to keep their heads above water after he lost his job - and failed to tell her. Sandy was convinced he was still working in his office in midtown, when the reality was that he'd been unemployed for eight months.

John's love for the family, herself and their children, is something Sandy felt strongly, and she flies to his defense when Castle implies that his "working late" might have been... something else. His strong conviction that handouts are bad may have led to him falling in with drug dealers to make ends meet. Sandy gives Beckett and Castle their first suspect, Max Haverstock, who apparently called their apartment late at night. Sandy believed this was to lambast her husband, who she thought had fired Max, whereas in truth they had both lost their jobs the same day.

She is understandably distressed when the duo finally inform her that she can't say her goodbyes just yet, because they don't currently have the body.

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