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Scott Donner
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Scott Donner looking at consequences
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Spouse(s) Unnamed Wife
Character Information
Appearances Nikki Heat
Portrayed by Thomas Calabro

Scott Donner is a businessman who, through a series of snowballing errors including infidelity, ends up as a murderer, and very nearly a suicide.

Stacey Collins ran a matchmaking service, and through her endeavors he met his wife. Sadly, however, Scott was unable to remain faithful to her, and when Stacey deployed Chloe Graves as a honey trap to break a pre-nuptial in the marriage of Bill and Tonya Wellington, Scott too strayed and was stuck.

Terrified of the consequences to his marriage if his wife found out, Scott confronted Stacey, and, when she refused to hand over the incriminating photos, he killed her.

He would have terminated his own life as well, if "Nikki Heat" hadn't talked him out of it with some clichéd, but effective, dialog.