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Sidney Perlmutter
Sidney Perlmutter CastleS5.jpg
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation New York City Medical Examiner
Other family Twin - brother Edgar
Character Information
Appearances Sidney Perlmutter - List of Appearances
Portrayed by Arye Gross

Dr. Sidney Perlmutter is a medical examiner working for the New York Police Department. He is commonly addressed solely by his last name.

Perlmutter is shown to have more than a few quirks, such as eating his lunch on the autopsy tables - reasoning that the disinfectants used in the morgue are so powerful that the morgue is "the cleanest room in the city" - and always has a sarcastic remark.

His diagnostic skills, however, are on a par with Lanie Parish's, and they seem to share a mutual respect, if not a lot of screen-time. Perlmutter frequently makes Richard Castle the butt of his jokes or snide comments, a banter playfully returned by the writer.