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Simone Jenkins
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Bank Teller
Children Unborn Child
Character Information
Appearances Cops & Robbers
Portrayed by Dawn-Lyen Gardner

Simone Jenkins was a bank teller at the New Amsterdam Bank and Trust on Lex.

During a phony hostage crisis set up by Ron Brandt, Simone, then in the 32nd week of her pregnancy, was one of the hostages taken along with Castle and his mother, Martha.

When Brandt, posing as fellow hostage Sal Martino, attempted to stir up trouble by accusing Castle of provoking the hostage situation by calling the police, Simone calmed the tension by commenting that the robbers had set off the silent alarms before they ever found Castle.

Part of subsequent hostage negotiation attempts focused on getting Simone out of the bank in case the stress triggered an early labor, but these efforts proved unnecessary when the hostage crisis ended with the robbers dead and Brandt in custody.