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Stanford Raynes
Stanford Raynes
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Occupation Museum Curator
Character Information
Appearances Wrapped Up in Death
Portrayed by Currie Graham

Dr. Stanford Raynes was, in 2010, the Museum Curator at the New York History Museum, and a man in the throes of preparation for a major Mayan mummy exhibition.

As "Wrapped Up in Death" shows, however, he had just lost his associate curator, Will Medina, to a staged "accident", a double loss since Medina was the man responsible for recovering the artifacts which were about to go on display.

The tale which unwound from this unlikely cloth, painted a portrait of passion and betrayal, and Beckett and Castle learned that Raynes had been obsessed with a student, Nicole Graham, and had killed her in a rage when she showed a preference for Medina, making the scene look like a jaguar attack, then expertly mummified her remains and had them shipped back to the States.

Medina had tried to sell the mummy of Nicole as a Mayan artifact, but the expert called in to authenticate it had shown him it was nowhere near old enough, and so Medina began to investigate, and had to be disposed of.