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Stephen Addison
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Stephen Addison surveying his handiwork
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Parents Randolph Addison (father)
Andrea Addison (mother)
Other family Lyla Addison (sister, deceased)
Character Information
Appearances "Law & Murder"
Portrayed by Ian Kahn

Stephen Addison is a character portrayed by Ian Kahn in the ABC crime series Castle.

Stephen is the son and heir of Randolph Addison, and the brother of Lyla Addison, the latest in a long line of prominent, powerful New Yorkers to bear this name. He is seen in "Law & Murder", where Otis Williams is on trial for the murder of Lyla, and the D.A. himself, Lou Karnacki, is prosecuting the case. Juror Number Seven, Joe McUsic, drops dead in the courtroom, and the "clearly guilty" Williams looks as if he might literally get away with murder.

The true tale, however, reveals the sybaritic, destructive, petulant children that Stephen and his sister have been, his accidental shooting of her during a drug run, and subsequent entirely premeditated murder of McUsic. Eddie McUsic, Stephen's unwilling accomplice in the first death, sums him up in these words: "This little trust-fund gangster, thinks he's so badass."