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Storm Fall
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Author Richard Castle
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Storm Fall is the last novel in the Derrick Storm series by Richard Castle.

One chapter was inspired by a night Castle spent with his agent, Paula Haas. ("When the Bough Breaks")

Derrick Storm dies in the book.[1] Numerous people pointed out to Castle that it was a stupid move to kill off his popular main character, but he dismissed the criticism, saying that he no longer enjoyed writing about him.

Castle gave Detective Kate Beckett an advanced copy of the book, signed to her, shortly after they first met. ("Flowers For Your Grave")


Storm is finally feeling like he has his life back: a few open and shut PI cases that lack any danger or intrigue, and no recent calls from CIA Agent Clara Strike. But when her lack of contact begins to concern him, Storm begins to search for the woman who he has begun to care for as more than just a colleague. But what Storm unravels quickly turns his world upside down.

Is Clara the CIA agent she claimed to be, or a rogue spy operating outside of the law? Just when he begins to scratch the surface of the truth, his bank account is drained and a murder of a rival PI is pinned on him. Storm must take on his most challenging client yet: himself. Is this the work of Clara or one of his many enemies? Storm has to comb through his entire career as a PI and as a secret CIA operative: every criminal he put away, every crime he solved, every life he affected, in order to find out who would do this to him. Will he find the culprit pulling the puppet strings or will this be the end of Derrick Storm? [2]


  1. Years later, Castle revived the character of Derrick Storm, explaining his death in-universe as a ploy to allow him to go into retirement without his enemies going after him.
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