Sucker Punch
Season 2, Episode 13
Sucker Punch
Air date January 18, 2010
Written by Will Beall
Directed by Tom Wright
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Season 2
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Sucker Punch is the thirteenth episode of the second season of Castle.


The case of the murder of Jack Coonan, an enforcer for a Irish gang, takes a terribly personal turn when Lanie Parish and Clark Murray uncover an undeniable connection between the case and Johanna Beckett's unsolved murder. As the investigation plays out, Beckett comes to terms not only with her grief for her mother, but with feelings that will impact her relationship with Castle.



Castle abc promo sucker punch

Castle abc promo sucker punch


Main Cast

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Castle: I overstepped. I came down here to say that I was sorry, and that I'm through. I can't shadow you anymore. If it wasn't for me...
Beckett: If it wasn't for you I would have never found my mom’s killer and someday soon I’m gonna find the sons of bitches who had Coonan kill her and I’d like you around when I do. And if you tell anyone what I’m about to say, there’s gonna be another shooting, but – I've gotten used to you pulling my pigtails. I've a hard job, Castle, and having you around makes it a little more fun.
Castle: Your secret’s safe with me.

Featured Music

  • "The End" - Pearl Jam


  • Castle's use of a reverse head-butt to stun a man holding him at gunpoint is a reprise of the same situation in Flowers For Your Grave, except that this time the safety was not on the whole time.
  • It was the first time Castle called Beckett by her first name, Kate, when addressing her.
  • We meet Jim Beckett (Scott Paulin), Kate's dad.
  • Ryan's a little too interested in Johnny Vong tapes.
  • At the beginning of the episode Castle turns the TV on to Johnny Vong using the remote, a few moments later Beckett turn the TV off also using a remote. Castle is still holding the remote he used.
  • This is the first episode we see Beckett kill someone.


  1. Credited at the end of episode as Molly