Tina Massey
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances Pandora
Portrayed by Julia Whelan

Tina Massey is a woman who was held hostage at knife point by Thomas Gage in order to have her fix him with rudimentary first aid, after his leg was injured in his fight against Gary Harper.

The two of them then got in a Taxi and where he was able to have her take him to her apartment.

In Massey's Apartment, she was able to patch Gage injury up, and Gage kept his word about not hurting her. He then tells her that he got his leg slashed after killing a guy and that guy doesn't exist, while remaining calm.

She then remained with Gage until the authorities busted in to this safehouse, while gage was eating food. After taking one last bite of food, Gage was then arrested, and she was away from his captivity.

Afterwards, she was then interviewed by the authorities about her encounter with Thomas Gage, during which she gave them an accurate recollection of her time with gage. Later she was then allowed to go back to where she lived.

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