Tom Demming
Vital Statistics
Title Detective
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation NYPD Robbery detective
Kate Beckett (ex-girlfriend)
Character Information
Appearances Tom Demming - List of Appearances
Portrayed by Michael Trucco

Tom Demming is a robbery detective with whom Beckett briefly becomes involved when the team's latest case ends up intersecting with his own.

He also formerly worked in the 54th Precinct. In Castle's eyes, he is a genuine threat to his relationship with Beckett, and the two men indulge in various forms of one-upmanship and territorial behavior.

In "Overkill" the two go so far as to espouse different killers for the same case, in the hope of showing their rival up. Unbeknownst to Demming, a fragilely facaded version of himself, Schlemming, had just cropped up in the latest draft of the new Nikki Heat novel.

However, Beckett broke up with Demming in the Season Two Finale, claiming that the relationship was not what she was looking for (her eyes inadvertently turning to Castle).

According to Morales, one of Ryan and Esposito's sources in the robbery department, stated that Tom was dating a vice detective for the 4 months prior to "Murder, He Wrote".

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