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Tom Williams
Tom Williams
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Incarcerated
Spouse(s) Greta Mastroianni (former fiancée)
Character Information
Appearances Undead Again
Portrayed by Ryan Doom

Tom Williams is, for the purposes of "Undead Again", the fiancé of Greta Mastroianni.

He is also the law student, who discovered that she had been having an affair with David Lock, and that David wanted her. Tom came up with a truly brilliant scheme - he injected Kyle Jennings with a drug that made him kill David without knowing what he was doing.

When Beckett's team learned from members of the Zombie Walk that Tom supplied the "Zombie drug" to their group, he became a suspect in David's murder.

Tom remained silent, denying any wrongdoing. When they were forced to release him, they informed him that Kyle had been discharged from the hospital and may be looking for revenge, putting Tom in a state of fear.

After being escorted back home by Esposito, they were attacked by Castle in Kyle's zombie getup, who scared a confession out of Tom. Beckett then arrested him for murder.