Tracy McGrath
Tracy McGrath's Driver ID on NYPD database
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Character Information
Appearances Pandora
Portrayed by Unidentified Actress (uncredited)

Tracy McGrath was a friend of Nelson Blakely in M.I.T. and a former grad student of his, as well as a later statistician working on climate change models.

She helped Blakely fake his own death back in 2002, making her along with Thomas Gage one of the few people who knew he was alive.

In the present, Blakely contacted her to setup a meeting to discuss a linchpin that Blakely found in the CIA, using advanced chess moves as a way of contacting her, however before she could attend this meeting she was discovered by the mole in the CIA and was killed by that unidentified person, later revealed to be Sophia Turner in order to keep her plan a secret.

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