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December 24
Pennsylvania, USA

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United States
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A good friend will come and bail you out of jail...but, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn...that was fun!"

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Castle, The Mentalist, Haven, The Pretender

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IMDb,, Wikipedia,


My Castle Wiki Sandox


I am Wikia user by the name of Christy32 and I join this wiki site on May 10, 2012. I been contribute to the wiki every day since join and take proud that it flourishing to a wonderful site, its all thanks to wonderful contributors and founder of Castle Wiki.

About Me

Hi all, welcome to my page, my name is Christy, but some just called Chris or like my cousin called me, the Queen of the Castle because of my love for the show. I am a big fan of television series Castle. Got all first 3 seasons on DVD and wait for 4th to come in September 11, 2012. Can't wait for season 5. I am also big hardcore Caskett fan. I love watch the reruns on TV or my DVR and on my Castle DVD collection.

Other then being an on/off fan of the former NBC TV series The Pretender (1996-2000) which starred Michael T. Weiss and Andrea Parker, its about a genius name Jarod who hunted by a corporation called The Centre and is hunted by his childhood friend and first kiss' Miss Parker.

Also, a contributor and reviewer at Wikipedia under different name. I work from home, and so I seem to constantly be at or near my computer, laptop, or tablet everyday. I take pride in everything I can do help. Happen to also contributor at IMDb (Internet Movie Database) since before 2001 and

When I editing, I prefer to use source mode (code) to see what I editing before using visual mode to see it.


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Me on Castle Wiki

I love being a Castle contributor and I'm proud to contributed, its a great resource for everyone who's a Castle fan or not to benefit from. I like to honor this wiki with proud. As some user have point out, I don't believe in have the badge because when there on wiki site, some user who are just trolling for point and want to make name of themselves as if it's a game. No ones perfect and should respected them, they just try to do the best.

I also happen to consider myself a loyal Castle user, want see this wiki protected from vandalism, copyright and bad editing and those who don't follow what they told not to do or keep repeating. I happen also be creative and fairly good at templates.

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I attend to use speech recognition software, but it can't always pick up my voice. I use it due to my fingers be tender after picking my finger as a result of taken my blood sugar for so long. I'm a major supporter for Diabetes Awareness and finding a cure someday.

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