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Wikia Castle - Vixen
Vixen's initial assessment
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances Vampire Weekend
Portrayed by Samantha Shelton

Vixen has done all in her power to live up to her chosen name, including several permanent physical alterations.

Vixen pops up on Beckett's radar when her website is part of Matthew Freeman, a.k.a. Crow's, recent activity, and Alma informs her and Castle that this woman visited her lodger.

In her coven, Vixen is originally delighted by the infusion of new blood, but all of her own drains from her face as she takes in the fact that Crow really is dead. They had been lovers, hence the fight when she discovered he had someone else.

Crow's boyfriend, Daemon, talked him into writing a graphic novel, but their muse, Morgan Lockerby, was a former coven member who now lived and believed the vampire routine 24/7.