Vulcan Simmons
Vulcan Simmons
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Character Information
Appearances "Knockdown"
"In the Belly of the Beast"
Portrayed by Jonathan Adams

Vulcan Simmons was a criminal who ran the drug trade in Washington Heights at least twelve years prior to "Knockdown".

Simmons had multiple charges on his record, but he had regularly managed to get off them, having spent the last few years without any convictions after becoming smart enough to avoid attracting attention to himself.

Gary McCallister briefly attempted to trick the team into thinking that Simmons was involved in the murder of Johanna Beckett, who had been involved in a 'Take Back the Neighborhood' scheme at the time of her death that could have jeopardised Simmons' hold on the drug trade of Washington Heights, but Simmons was able to leave the precinct without detainment when he provoked Beckett into attacking him. It was later revealed that Simmons actually had nothing to do with Johanna's murder and had simply been chosen as a convenient fall guy to conceal McCallister's own role in her death.

In "In the Belly of the Beast", Vulcan Simmons returns as the head of a powerful new drug cartel that is funneling money into Future Forward, a superPAC connected to Senator Bracken.

Six weeks prior to the episode “Veritas", Beckett follows Vulcan around, secretly taking photos, soon she finds a connection between him and Bracken: Jason Marks, a political consultant, but Vulcan kills Marks under the orders of Bracken. He confronts Beckett later in a warehouse, but he gets murdered when he was forced to give up Bracken. However, like framing Pulgatti for Bob Armen's murder, Bracken pins Vulcan's murder on Beckett.

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