West Side Wally
West Side Wally
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Character Information
Appearances "The Blue Butterfly"
"47 Seconds"
Portrayed by Lorin McCraley

West Side Wally is a homeless man living in the streets of New York City, who appears in the investigations that happen in "The Blue Butterfly" and "47 Seconds".

He is simultaneously, and understandably, somewhat reluctant to deal with the police, and sensitive about his treatment and name (he prefers a simple "West Side"). He has moments of lucidity, but these are buried amid ramblings, making useful conversations with him a project much like panning for gold.

In "The Blue Butterfly", West Side was living in the rundown Pennybaker Club when Clyde Bellasco appeared and paid him four hundred dollars to leave. West Side is later brought to the 12th Precinct in regards to Stan Banks's murder. The vagrant explained about Bellasco's involvement, describing him as "the professor", for his use of long words and style of speech. Espo brings up a picture of Bellasco and West Side confirmed his identity.

In "47 Seconds" he does provide a vital clue, in that his delusional combination of the conspirator (and victim), Jesse Friedman's, t-shirt and ringtone add up to a visitation from Ludwig van Beethoven. He refers to Beethoven as "that half-deaf bastard", showing some contact with classical music in his life.

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