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Will Medina
Will looking up as gargoyle is falling on to him
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Occupation Associate Curator
Character Information
Appearances Wrapped Up in Death
Portrayed by Kevin Foster

Will Medina was an associate curator at New York History museum and murder victim in "Wrapped Up in Death".

He was crushed to death by the falling gargoyle pushed off the roof of his apartment building by Stanford Raynes. Will had been involved with a graduate student, Nicole Graham, with whom Raynes was obsessed, and the older man took advantage of the myths surrounding the mummy to kill the man who 'stole his love'.

Raynes had already murdered Nicole himself in a full fit of passion, then mummified her body and shipped it back to the States. Will was unlucky enough to uncover this crime when he tried to sell the mummified remains of Nicole, believing them to be ancient and Aztec.