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Will Sorenson
Will Sorenson
Vital Statistics
Title FBI Special Agent
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation FBI agent
Spouse(s) Unnamed (wife)
Kate Beckett (dated)
Character Information
Appearances "Little Girl Lost"
"A Death in the Family"
"Murder, He Wrote" (mentioned)
"The Time of Our Lives" (mentioned)
Portrayed by Bailey Chase

Will Sorenson is a character played by Bailey Chase in the ABC crime series Castle.

Sorenson was an FBI Special Agent specializing in kidnapping cases. At some point prior to her first meeting with Castle, Detective Kate Beckett worked with Sorenson on a kidnapping case involving a young boy. The investigation lasted for six months - resulting in a relationship between the two during that same time frame - but ended with the boy being found dead and them going their separate ways, possibly with the one precipitating the other.

Some time later when Sorenson was investigating the kidnapping of two-year-old Angela Candela, he enlisted the help of Beckett and her team once again, recognizing her skills in such cases despite their prior failure. He and Castle swiftly developed a not-so-subtle rivalry over their competitive close relationships with Beckett, Sorenson being slightly surprised that she defended Castle's skills when it was suggested he make the ransom drop (the kidnappers having demanded no police involvement in the handover). Castle subsequently proved crucial in discovering the kidnapper's true motives. ("Little Girl Lost")

Beckett was forced to make contact with Sorenson again while investigating the murder of Doctor Joshua Leeds, having discovered that Leeds had been involved in giving a key witness in an upcoming mob trial plastic surgery to help protect him during the Witness Protection. Sorenson was subsequently injured in a drive-by shooting, when the mob attempted to kill the witness, but he survived and was last seen conversing with Beckett in the hospital. ("A Death in the Family")

As of the end of Season 4, Sorenson has not been seen since. But in the Season 5 episode "Murder, He Wrote", his name was mentioned in the investigation between Esposito and Ryan to find out who Beckett's boyfriend is. Esposito later told Ryan that according to his FBI buddy, Sorenson has been stationed in Europe for the past six months.

In the Season 7 episode "The Time of Our Lives", it was revealed that Sorenson is getting married and had invited Beckett to his wedding.