Wrapped Up in Death
Season 2, Episode 19
Wrapped Up in Death
Air date April 5, 2010
Written by Alexi Hawley
Directed by Bill Roe
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Season 2
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Wrapped Up in Death is the nineteenth episode of the second season of Castle.


When an associate museum curator is found dead due to having a stone gargoyle dropped on him, Beckett, Castle, and the team must answer the question of whether the killer is a jealous colleague, a jilted lover, the publicity-hungry museum director, or the curse of an ancient mummy whose tomb promises death for anyone who looks upon its face, as Castle couldn't resist doing.




Castle 2X19

Castle 2X19

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Castle: Do you believe that people get what they deserve?
Beckett: If they do then I must have done something pretty terrible to be punished with you.
Castle: Funny.
Castle: You guys, there is no curse. Ow. Paper cut.
Esposito: Mm-hmm.
Castle: Yes, the curse gave me a paper cut.
Ryan: These things start small. Then they snowball.
Castle: Well, I'd love to stand around and tell scary stories all day 'cause I'm really good at it...But I have a date with a murder investigation.
Martha: It's lucky your father doesn't believe in the curse.
Alexis: Why?
Martha: Because he's going into a building... Full of guns.
Castle: I heard that.
Montgomery: Had to messed with the curse, didn't you? Trying to be funny. You know what kind of hell I catch if Castle got eaten in the line of duty?
Ryan: Don't tell me you believe in that stuff, sir?
Montgomery: You know what i believe in, detective?
Ryan and Esposito: Because there's no uptight in screwing with things you cant explain?
Castle: This is the part where you say, "and I would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for you meddling kids."

Featured Music

  • "Love Is Endless" - Mozella


  • Beckett, Ryan and Esposito teasing Castle about the curse when he starts having bad luck.
  • When Montgomery finds out about what happened to Castle with the curse, he scolded Ryan and Esposito by telling them about his days at homicide.
  • Gil Birmingham played a bodyguard whose lifeforce was drained by the mummy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Inca Mummy Girl" (2x04).
  • While in the museum for the first time, Castle does a little homage to Indiana Jones.
  • There are multiple 'Scooby-Doo' references throughout the episode, including Castle's suggestion for the 'villain's' final words, and Beckett's reaction to Castle's assertion of the curse at the top of the stairs.
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