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Professional swimmer






Lorraine Dinovi (mother)


Bridget McManus (ex-girlfirend)

Murder Victim in

"The Dead Pool"

Zach Lindsey was an Olympic-standard swimmer from New York.

The heart and soul of his university swimming team, he was a realistic prospect for an Olympic spot until he was murdered. Zach, it turned out, had been living a life of lies and layers, the unraveling of which taxed Beckett's deductive and Castle's productive genii.

Zach, a local boy made good from Bensonhurst, was moonlighting as a car thief to pay for his tuition and accommodation. This had involved him hooking back up with his friend from the old neighborhood, Tommy Marcone, who was a small-time criminal.

Zach had a coach, Coach Rome, with a long history of training winners, including "Captain America", Rocket Rob Tredwyck, who still mentored the less fortunate.

Zach had a rival on the swimming team, Brian Morris, who was from the right side of the tracks and the son of a wealthy hedge fund manager, Benjamin Morris, who would do whatever it took to guarantee his son's dream of the gold medal at the Olympics.

On top of which, there was an understandably offended fence, Jimmy Lennon, who had been the recipient of the stolen cars, and an ex-girlfriend, Bridget McManus, who was determined that Zach's onward and upward wasn't going to scrape everything Bensonhurst off his bows.[1]

Zach Lindsey murderboard

The murderboard, showing teammates Zach and Bryan

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