Zalman Drake
Wikia Castle - Zalman Drake.png
Zalman Drake - before and after
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Occupation Stage magician
Owner of Drake's Magic Shop
Other family Edmund Drake (twin brother)
Character Information
Appearances Poof! You're Dead
Portrayed by Jeff Hephner

Zalman Drake was the latest, and sadly last, in a long line of stage magicians, as well as the proprietor of Drake's Magic Shop. His skills were much recognized in magic circles, although he lacked the charisma to make it into the top flight.

Just before "Poof! You're Dead", and despite his side work designing illusions for others, the shop was in severe financial difficulties. As the episode opens so does the shop, and Zalman's unlucky assistant, Eliza Winter, finds her ex-boss in a water tank.

He has a brother who will inherit the shop, and in a moment of bait and switch it is revealed to be - his identical twin!

Said twin, Edmund, is viewed by Castle with deep suspicion, but he proves to be the linchpin in an elaborate smoke-and-mirrors routine which wraps up the case - his presence, made up as the ghost of his brother, terrifies the murderer, Christian Dahl, into a confession. With a little help from some friends, the Drake magical legacy will live on.

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