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Zane Talbot
Wikia Castle - Zane Talbot
Zane Talbot smiles at his father
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Parents Teodor Hájek (biological father)
Eliška Sokol (biological mother, deceased)
Cameron Talbot ('adopted' father)
Melissa Talbot ('adopted' mother)
Character Information
Appearances "When the Bough Breaks"
Portrayed by Griffin Cleveland

Zane Talbot is the genetic son of Teodor Hájek and Eliška Sokol, and, in the eyes of the law, the child of Dr. Cameron Talbot and his wife, Melissa.

Zane is also the unwitting cause of all the chaos surrounding the four adults, as he was swapped at birth by Dr. Talbot for his own son, because the Talbot's son had an incurable congenital condition, and the doctor wanted to spare his wife the heartache of losing a child.

About five years later, Eliška became suspicious and began to piece together what had really happened. When Dr. Talbot realised that she was gathering evidence to perform a DNA test, he panicked and killed her, then tried to cover up his crime.

At the end of "When the Bough Breaks", with Cameron in prison and the truth exposed, Zane is just getting to know his real father, Teodor, although he and Melissa don't seem to have a plan yet for how they are going to break that news to Zane, Teodor not wanting to simply take his son from his new home but Melissa willing to let him be part of Zane's life.